What is Izyolatsia ?

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IZOLYATSIA is a non-profit, non-governmental platform of cultural initiatives, founded in 2010 on the site of a former insulation factory in Donetsk. The foundation takes its name from the original manufacturer.

In June 2014, the territory was seized by armed representatives of the Russian Federation. The foundation was forced to move to Kiev. To this day, IZOLYATSIA remains focused on the Donbass.

The organisation aims to bring about systemic change in Ukrainian society through cultural projects. The foundation is developing an institutional environment that encourages the networking of cultural agents and creates the conditions necessary for the emergence of new players. IZOLYATSIA focuses its activities on the new Ukrainian generation involved in the creative and cultural sectors.

The organisation is a platform for research, discussion and presentation of justified socio-political problems at different scales of the local and global context. Through artistic practice, the foundation aims to change public opinion on politically sensitive issues and marginalised communities. IZOLYATSIA carries out projects on the borderline between modern art and civil society and works in the following areas: research, site-specific projects, exhibitions and residencies.

What are the values of Izyolastia ?

1. Belief in culture as a catalyst for social change.

2. Subjectivity and a proactive position.

3. A partnership is more important than personal interests.

4. Diversity and inclusivity.

5. Experimentation and innovation Transparency.

What are the objectives of Izyolatsia ?

1. To be a catalyst of cultural decentralisation, implementing projects in regional Ukraine.
2. To produce and spread knowledge about the social and cultural characteristics of East Ukraine.
3. То promote the professional growth of cultural agents in Ukraine with the goal of developing the cultural sector in the direction of greater stability and diversity
4. To encourage a contemporary visual culture for marginalised voices in society, especially their practices and key figures.
5. To develop the potential of Ukrainian specialists and activists in art.
6. To search for points of contiguity shared by representatives of different social groups as a means of realising interdisciplinary projects to increase international collaboration via the residency programme, and expand our partnership network
7. To create deeper connections between local and global contexts to stimulate critical thought, in opposition to apathy towards the development of civil society