• La Station — Gare des Mines

    La Station - Gare des Mines, founded on the remains of a disused coal station at Porte d'Aubervilliers, is home to the effervescent musical, artistic and cultural margins of the time, and houses a constellation of initiatives by established artists and inspired neighbors. Since its opening, La Station - Gare des Mines has been a venue for dissemination, creation and residency, and since 2016 has offered a resolutely heterogeneous program, nourished by the incessant upheavals of emerging and contemporary artistic practices.

    La Station - Gare des Mines is run by Collectif MU, an artistic production company set up in 2002 by a team of Fresnoy graduates specializing in sound art, music and new media.

  • Izolyatsia

    IZOLYATSIA is a NGO for contemporary culture founded in 2010 in a former insulation materials factory in Donetsk. In 2014, the territory was seized by the militia of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.Since then, IZOLYATSIA has relocated to a shipyard in Kyiv before being interrupted by the war that began in February 2022. The organisation has three intertwined areas of activity: art, education and projects geared towards activating Ukraine’s creative sector.

  • NGBG

    Since 2016, NGBG has run a yearly street festival on Norra Grängesbergsgatan in Malmö with 24 stages which attracted 14 500 visitors. They also run pop-up concerts, flash mobs, art exhibitions, a bicycle parade and a virtual recreation of the neighbourhood on a Minecraft server. They opened a place in 2022 in order to expand their activities in an old park and farmhouse.

  • Urban Spree

    Urban Spree is a 1700 sqm artistic space in Berlin-Friedrichshain dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops, concerts, an art store and a large Biergarten.

  • CDA / Mochvara

    Mochvara is a place run by CDA (NGO) with a diverse program including concerts, exhibits, plays, literature, film and workshops. CDA’s mission is to encourage the creation of various artistic programs and the development and visibility of alternative and non-institutional culture, to actively involve young people in cultural and civil initiatives and to develop new models of cultural activity outside the existing institutions.

  • Trans Europe Halles

    TEH is one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe. They have been at the forefront of repurposing abandoned buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. They are based in Sweden and have 140 members in 40 different countries across Europe – from Spain to Georgia.

  • LabEx ICCA

    ICCA is an interdisciplinary research laboratory focusing on the arts, culture and digital markets and their practices. Founded in 2011, ICCA aims to analyze new economic and regulatory models and to study new uses, emerging markets and changing legal frameworks, in both traditional sectors and the digital world.

    ICCA brings together interdisciplinary teams from several universities in domains as diverse as sociology, economics, law, communication, education and design.

    ICCA is also a forum promoting dialogue with professional networks and industrial actors in culture and the arts. As a leading partner and think tank, it provides analysis, expertise and forecasting.

  • Long Winter - DIY Space Project

    Long Winter launched its DIY Space Project as part of an international festival and conference in 2021, in response to issues of space scarcity in Toronto. Locally focused, internationally informed, the Space Project is a direct intervention in support of the preservation and stimulation of self-organized, alternative culture.